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Instruction on how to fill out the Quick Pay form.
Making a payment through Quick Pay is easy. Simply bring cash payment in local currency to the nearest Western Union agent location and complete the blue form - scroll down for a sample form and instructions.
Item 1
Write the amount you are sending using words.
Write the amount you are sending using numbers.
Item 2
Pay To Information
Write the name of our Company to which a payment is being sent - American Order.
Write our Company Code - ORDERUSA. (The Company Code is very important), City - NY (New York).
Write Country - USA.
Item 3
Sender Information
Write first name. If followed by middle name, separate first and middle names with a "-". If there are two last names, separate them with a "-". 
Write the street on the first address line. On the second line, write the city, province (county or state), country and postal code. Enter your telephone number, including city codes. 
Item 4
Account Number
Write Customer Number as on your Estimated Invoice.
Item 5
Reference Number
Write Order Number as on your Estimated Invoice.
Item 6
This field can be used for a brief message.
Item 7
Sign the form
Present this form to the Western Union Agent with your payment and the low, fixed fee. The agent inputs the transaction and gives you a numbered, dated receipt as proof of payment. That's all there is to it!
International Rates
Amount of Transfer Cost
$0.00 - $3,000.00 $15.00*
$3,000.01 - $5,000.00 $25.00*
* Does not include tax
IVA/VAT taxes are only accrued on the cost ($15.00 or $25.00), not the amount of transfer.